Time Capsules

As a way to measure our growth, both physical and learning, we have been creating pieces of work to put into a time capsule. We plan to open our time capsules in the last week of this year at a ‘Pinata’ party.

We have included various pieces of writing such as a list of our favourite things (we were learning to write a list - a challenge for those of us who like to write a lot as writing just one word on a line was hard work) and a story describing one or more of our favourite things (we were learning how to work on a piece of writing over a number of days and then publish this piece). It will be exciting to compare this writing with the writing we will be doing at the end of the year.


Our February Height

We have measured our height (which we call our February height) using a piece of string. These were pinned on the wall for a while. It was interesting to see how many different heights we have in our class. We wonder how much some of us will have grown by December.


Practising drawing around our feet


Measuring our own feet


Practising measuring our own feet

Working with our buddies to trace around our feet and hands was enormous fun. Actually, we were already pretty good at this because we had had a practice so we had to pretend a bit that we needed help… We plan on measuring these against our feet and hands in December too to see how much we have grown. Having our buddies help us is great as we are all learning how to work together - we learn that we can watch what they do and copy so we get better and they have learnt to have patience because we are still only little and learning a lot.


Letting_ our buddies help


buddy help


Our wonderful buddy helpers

Our writing, string measurements, cut out hands and feet and a selection of our favourite drawings have been put into our ‘paper bags’ and safely stowed into our time capsules.


Decorating foot picture

Our time capsules have been wrapped and hung up in the corner of our classroom waiting to be opened in December.


3. practising drawing around our feet