What an amazing start to the year

Te Mihi community has hit the ground, and we are running...

We are excited about our 5-star athletics competition where we compete against ourselves. We are rearing to go and start the activities and engage in live Chapter Chat tweets.

Our Te Mihi seniors are lucky enough to be sharing some of our time working with the Junior school (WHANAU). Room 3 is working alongside room 15/16, Room 2 is buddying with Room 7 and Room 4 is buddying up with Room 10/11.

Room 3 were able to help our junior class colour in their Koru template. We taught them about trying hard to stay between the lines and used three different colours which showed a pattern.  After this, we were able to play hide and seek, kick a ball around, read books in the boat and tent and play with the dolls house.


Buddy class in action Room 3 and Room 15_16


Colouring our Koru


Jess helping our her buddy


Kane chatting with is buddy enjoying the sunshine


Ezra helping his buddy across the senior play ground


Playing with the dolls house


Building relationships with our junior students - Whanau

7. Buddy class in action Room 3 and Room 15 16