Whiskers Visit

Through our school-wide focus, “In our Words”, we have been looking at adjectives (describing words) to make our writing and language more interesting. We had a chance to practice this when Whiskers came to visit Wairakei Primary.

Whiskers is a bunny that belongs to Saskia in Room 4 and she brought it in to share with Room 1 and our buddy class Room 10. We brainstormed some questions to ask Saskia:


Abbie asked - What breed is Whiskers? A Mini Lop

Juno asked – "What does it eat?". Carrots and bananas are treats but she loves cabbages and grapes and grass of course!

Ariana asked – "Is it allowed into the house?". Yes it is!

Saskia then shared some other information with us.  Here’s what we learnt:

  • Whiskers lives outside in a big cage that was made by Saskia’s dad.  
  • She got Whiskers from a pet shop.
  • It needs exercise so Saskia puts Whiskers on a lead and they walk around the farm together.  
  • Whiskers like to be carried and she likes to sleep a lot.

Saskia then held onto Whiskers and walked around the circle and we all got to pat her.




We then talked about some adjectives that could describe Whiskers:

Joseph – colourful and cute.

Charlie – soft

Carys – smells like cookies

Travis – feels like a cotton ball

Melanie – fuzzy

Ariana – fluffy and cuddly

Saskia then put Whiskers down in the middle of the circle to hop around but Whiskers didn’t move much.  


We are going to use some of the adjectives we talked about to make an interesting Whiskers paragraph.  Here’s one we did together:

Whiskers, the soft and fluffy bunny, came to visit Room 4 and 10.  Gracefully it watched all the children with its black oval eyes. We gently stroked its fuzzy body, which felt like a cotton ball.

Thank you Saskia for sharing your bunny Whiskers with us.  


Miss Neal

01 Saskia adjectives