Window Sprouts

In Room 13 we are learning how scientists work by conducting science experiments and science investigations.

Curriculum Links:

Science - Nature of Science:

Understanding about Science: appreciate that scientists ask questions about our world that lead to investigations

Participating and Contributing: explore and act on issues and questions that link their science learning to their daily living

Living World

Life Processes: recognise that living things have certain requirements so they can stay alive

English - Speaking, Writing and Presenting

Purposes and audiences: Recognise how to shape texts for a purpose and an audience

We are learning that plants need certain conditions to grow. To help us learn we have been conducting an observation experiment with bean seeds.

After wetting a paper towel and putting this into a plastic sandwich bag, we added to the bag 2 bean seeds. We have hung these bags onto the windows so we are able to watch them sprout and grow.

Because we are learning to think like scientists we decided we needed to have 3 different growing places to help us understand better what seeds need.

Variations of growing places in Room 13:

  1. Place some in the window in full sun

  2. Place some on opposite side of the classroom where there is no sun, but warmth and light

  3. Place some above sink where it is a little shady


Plants start to grow (germinate) when they receive the right environmental signals such as adequate light, air and water. Temperature is also important (and different levels of warmth is needed for different plants!).

What do we think will happen with our plants that are grown in the different areas?


Sprouts with light and warmth


Sprouts with direct sun


Sprouts in the shady part of the classroom

We have written our wonderings and observations - because that is what scientists do.


Finn writing as a scientist


Haylen s wondering


Lilly s observation

After two very long weeks, only one of our 40+ seeds have shown any sign of life. We think that perhaps the weather is still too cold for the seeds to germinate so we will try this experiment again in the spring time when it is warmer.

3. sprouts with direct sun