Year 4 Bluelight Camp 2019

Our Year 4 students were very excited to attend camp this year at Bluelight Lodge, Wairakei Village. After the success of last year’s camp, rumours had spread far and wide of the decadent breakfast and the fun experiences that had been organised. Watch a video of some of the action.

Most students were at school early on the day, lugging huge bags with teddies poking out. Uniforms were gone - we were in our camping garb. After meeting in the school hall, we set off for the long journey (one minute walking) to Bluelight Lodge. Our boss man was Mr Chris Te Whare - he had it all organised, along with Mrs Thompson. We were straight into a variety of activities around the camp, which can be seen in the video. Soon it was lunch, and then we were off to the swim at Wairakei Resort and the thermal walk. Mrs Thompson had organised electronic thermometers and we found temperatures of over 100 degrees. Luckily, we had many parents with us to keep us safe and remind us to keep to the track.





Afternoon tea was donuts and more activities took place - camp booklets, room organising, playing at the village playground, and soon dinner (we made our own burgers) and a movie with popcorn. We were knackered after a full-on day and were keen to get into our beds (and tell a few stories and have a few giggles). Lights out at 9am and we were soon snoring.




Everyone started crawling out of bed just before 7am (Lizzie, Eden and Tori got up at 4:45am and packed their bags but that was a bit early according to Mrs Graham so they went back for a bit of a lie in.) Aromas of the famous breakfast were wafting and it was almost too good to be true - french toast with squirty cream and maple syrup, baked beans, cereals and toast (coffee for parents).




Day 2 activities kicked off, and we were doing the balance board, balloon making, tug of war, foot golf and planting with Sian from Greening Taupo. We were having a blast with our friends, trying new experiences. Lunch rolled around and it was soon time to get packed, sort out the lost property, tidy camp, and head back to school.

A huge thank you to Chris at Bluelight for his efforts and patience, and to all the parents that accompanied us, helped us, and kept us safe. Camp is such a positive experience and allows us to use the key competencies of Managing Self and Participating and Contributing. It also links with our Health and Physical Education curriculum - building relationships and making use of local community resources.

Can’t wait for next year!

Baylee: I loved the thermal walk and I liked the swim too!

Kayde: Being able to go swimming in the nice warm water with my friends was my favourite.

Micah: The thermal walk blew my mind because I didn’t know that Taupo could look like that.

Patrick: I got to stay with my friends. I had breakfast and dinner with them.

Lizzie: I stayed with Tori and Eden, my best friends.


Keywords: Camp 2019, Health & PE, POWER

Relationships with other people - identify and demonstrate ways of maintaining and enhancing relationships between individuals and within groups

Community resources - Identify and use local community resources and explain how these contribute to a healthy community.

2019 Aratiatia Year4camp 4