Enrolments - Office

The Wairakei Primary School enrolment process is all about finding the right fit.

Paula Farquhar - Principal

A journey does remind me time has advanced. Yet, more, it is also a great reminder of what I've done. What we've achieved.

Marie Woolnough - Assistant Principal

I have been Assistant Principal at Wairakei Primary School for the past 15 years.

Tracey O'Sullivan - Senior Teacher

While I came to the profession later in life I have been teaching new entrants children since 2008.  My husband works overseas and we have...

Natasha Forrest - Senior Teacher

I was lucky to have been appointed the permanent teaching position at this wonderful rural school.

Olivia Graham - Senior Teacher

Hello and konnichi wa!—the Year 5/6 teacher in Room 1. I am excited to be a part of the Wairakei community.

Ange Painter - Teacher

Kia ora, I am currently teaching and learning with a wonderful Year Four class (in Room Four).

Leanne Jackson - Teacher

I have been an enthusiastic teacher of children for more than ten years.

Margo Clark - Teacher

I am a local girl, born and breed, and have lived in Taupo for most of my life.  I am Maori and affiliate to Ngati...

Sara Sprague - Teacher

I have been teaching for ten years.  I started teaching at Wairakei Primary in 2011.  I am married to Steve who is a local fly...

Sherryl Crawford - Teacher

This is my fourth year of teaching here at Wairakei Primary School.  

Mandy Woodcock - Teacher

I joined the teaching staff of wonderful Wairakei Primary School in 2016.

Chris Simm - Teacher

Coming soon in 2018

Shannen Neal - Teacher

Coming soon in 2018

Claire Smith - Part-Time Teacher

I have taught at Wairakei Primary School for nine years. I particularly enjoy the ‘country’ environment and community feel the school offers to its parents,...

Carla Ross - Part-Time Teacher

I am loving working at Wairakei Primary School in a shared teaching position with Year 3 and 4 students.

Rachel Thompson - Part-Time Teacher

I began teaching part time at Wairakei Primary School in January 2017.

Val Mansfield - Office manager

I am the Office Manager at Wairakei School.  I have been in this position since July 1994 - 21 years! I am married to Ash...

Cindy Clunie - Teacher Aide

I am a teacher aide at Wairakei Primary School and am involved with supporting a huge range of children from our band new 5 year...

Diana Fitzsimmons - Teacher Aide, Enviro Group Coordinator

I have been associated with WPS since 1990 (with my daughter, Shalee and son, Robbie attending) and have been a member of staff for 17 years.

Penny Fischbach - Librarian, Teacher Aide

I have had many varied jobs over the years but I have now found my niche.

Daina Mellor - Teacher Aide

Quite a few years later after having lived all my life in Taupo, travelling overseas and meeting my Aussie husband in London I came back...

Rhonda Ellington - Office Assistant

I have been associated with Wairakei Primary School since 2003 with all three of our children Daniel, April-Rose and Ashlee attending.  I am married to...