Claire Smith

I have taught at Wairakei Primary School for nine years. I particularly enjoy the ‘country’ environment and community feel the school offers to its parents, kids and teachers. I am married to Brian and we have four sons, one daughter and very happily became grandparents this year. We love living in Taupo and try to make the most of the beautiful environment. 

This year I have the pleasure of teaching in and leading the junior school at Wairakei. My teaching philosophy is that children should feel safe and valued in their learning environment so that they are happy to take risks, give things a go and realise what they are capable of.

I am also in charge of the Health & PE curriculum area at Wairakei which is an easy task as so many of our pupils and their parents are enthusiastic about sport and indeed, physical activity of any kind. This role involves organising school wide events such as cross country and athletics.  I am passionate about encouraging all children to get away from the screen and move and I also believe sport is a great way to teach many of life’s lessons. 

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Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.

– GoetheClaire Smith