Rhonda Ellington

I have been associated with Wairakei Primary School since 2003 with all three of our children Daniel, April-Rose and Ashlee attending.  I am married to Peter and we live in the Wairakei area which is about 5 minutes down the road from school.

I began working in the school as a parent helper, moving onto teacher aiding, assisting the librarian with technology and resources and then into my two present roles.  The two supportive part time positions I have at Wairakei Primary School are Personal Assistant and ICT Manager.  I have been in these two roles for about nine years.  

Over my working career I have gained experience in a variety of different areas of administration.  This experience in many administration roles which helps me in my present position as Personal Assistant to our Principal and supporting our Office Manager.  As the ICT Manager I enjoy being able to assist and watch the students and staff develop their skills and knowledge with the technology that we have available in the school.  I have seen many changes while being here at Wairakei Primary School in the technology area.  Our school is very fortunate to have a range of devices for the students to use for their learning – Interactive whiteboards, laptops, ipads and android tablets.

I value the opportunity to be able to come to work each day and support the staff and students here at Wairakei Primary School with their learning.

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Watching the students and staff develop their skills and knowledge with technology is very rewarding.Rhonda Ellington