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Turning vision into reality

Choosing the right school for your child and your family is the most important decision you will make.

As Principal, it gives me great pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to Wairakei Primary School. Many people comment on how 'good our school feels', whether they be prospective families wanting to enrol or visitors from other schools, organisations or regions. It's a feeling our own families know so well. A feeling I know they're excited about and a feeling they proudly will want to share with you.


Paula Farquhar, Principal, Wairakei Primary School, Taupo 

With a community of supportive parents, enthusiastic children devoted to learning and an outstanding staff, our school continues to prosper after 50 years.

Over these years Wairakei Primary School has built a reputation as one of the most popular choices for primary education in the wider Taupo region. Today, it flourishes as a co-educational state primary school with high standards and an enviable reputation for:

  • the quality of learning outcomes with an emphasis on future focus
  • the structured supportive exemplary teaching
  • the supreme value of belonging to a caring, committed and passionate community, and
  • all the additional opportunities and rewards that are offered to being a semi-rural environment

I'm not embarrassed to suggest we are the envy of others. Forward-looking, envisioning exciting possibilities and empowering students with skills and aspirations are the attributes that distinguishes Wairakei Primary School. Big claims I know—claims that I want us all to aspire to each and every day.

As Principal, I provide ownership of our school’s journey for improvement in student achievement. I set out to articulate a clear and coherent vision, that promotes togetherness with strategic mapping that flows into curriculum implementation. 

The concept of shared vision and language to foster success is the pursuit of enabling children to learn in innovative and relevant ways.

However, I wouldn't expect you to just take my word for it. Sure, when you visit, I'll tell you more. More about what your child and your family will be excited about. Visit and see for yourself how Wairakei Primary School can equip your child to be confident and capable life–long learners. I'm just preparing you to be aware that when you get here you can expect encounters with students with passion, an excitement for the learning and experiences that only Wairakei Primary School affords. 

Ready to visit. Of course you are. We look forward to meeting you. Click here to arrange your visit. 

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