2021 Pet Day

Sometimes change is inevitable. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as pandemics or natural disasters, events and activities must be altered to accommodate. We’ve had to adapt. This year’s Pet Day will be different. Students will exhibit their achievements in animal rearing, floral displays and homemade baking on a Friday.

The change to a school day will give us the greatest chance to be able to hold our Pet Day given uncertainties around COVID 19 restrictions.

Each student is able to bring a maximum of two (2) support people with their animal. The school is limited to the number of visitors on site. All visitors must use the QR code or sign in. Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask and maintain a safe physical distance from others. 

Help on the Day

We need people to help setup the pens and clean up after the judging. 

Contact the PTA or Jenna Foley if you are able to help. 

Phone: 374 8035



Dogs are judged on:

  • Care
  • Attention
  • Come, sit and stay


Lambs are judged in two categories:

  • Rearing – care and knowledge
  • Leading/Calling


Goats are judged in two categories:

  • Rearing – care and knowledge
  • Leading/Calling


Horses are judged on:

  • Riders ability
  • Temperament

Small Animals

Will be judged on:

  • Care and attention
  • Temperament

Please Note: 

One pet per child.

Please register your large animal by 3.30 p.m. Friday, October 22, 2021. The registration form can be collected from the school office or from our 2021 Wairakei Primary School Pet Day Animal Registration Form.

Dogs must have a current registration tag and owners must provide a current immunisation certificate as proof of immunisation – this must be done by 3.30 p.m. Friday, October 22, 2021 at the school office. The school will not be contacting vets. No certificate = no entry.

If you are entering a calf they will need to adhere to the M. Bovis prevention procedures. A copy of this is in the school office and on www.mbovis.govt.nz 

If you are bringing a horse to Pet Day there must be adult supervision with horses at all times. Please ensure that horses and their transport are parked by 8:30 a.m.

Small animal categories include water, crawly, feathered, furry and soft toy pets. Small animals must be kept in cages when at school.


Judging will start at 9.30 a.m. All animals will need to be onsite by 9a.m. 

Judges like to talk to pet owners. All children will stay with their pet until judging is completed. 

The Grand Parade will occur at the conclusion of all judging, approximately midday.

FLORAL ART 2021   Thursday, November 4, 9 - 11a.m.

  • Plan your arrangement
  • Find as many flowers as possible and practise arrangements at home
  • All arrangements must be made at school. All items required for exhibits will need to be brought to school on the day.
  • It is the child’s responsibility to do the arranging.    
  • All exhibits must be made by students, not parents
  • If you have extra flowers, greenery etc, please send them along to school so they can be shared with others
  • Each child may enter only one arrangement, as well as a pressed flower bookmark (if they have pressed the flowers prior). 

Please choose from the following categories: 

All ages.

Pressed Flowers Bookmark

These flowers should be pressed weeks prior to floral morning. Flowers must then be arranged creatively on card and covered at school.

Start pressing flowers now.

Year 0-1

Floral Sand Saucer

Use a named saucer, not a plate.

Create interesting patterns with flowers, ensuring no sand is showing.

Year 2

Button Hole

Use flowers and greenery to create a button hole arrangement. 

Year 3

Novelty Container Floral Arrangement

Choose flowers and arrange in an unusual container: an old shoe, tin can, bottle, etc. Containers should not be hidden by the arrangement and be able to hold water.

Year 4

3D Paper Floral Art

Use paper to create a 3D image of a vase and flowers on an A4 piece of paper.

Students will need to bring any interesting, patterned paper to construct their flowers and vase from.

This arrangement will be on an A4 paper attached to the wall.

Year 5

Paper Flower Arrangement

Use wire and paper to create a floral arrangement

Students to bring any paper, tissue paper, crepe paper and a jar or tin can to create their floral arrangement.

Year 6

Miniature Garden

Create a theme using environmental materials – no plastic toys. Handmade attachments can be used. Try to keep everything in proportion. Judges are looking for creativity and colour. 

These need to be in a metal oven tray, cake tin or plastic container.


All children may enter into their appropriate year-level section, as follows:

Year 0-1


3 pikelets - plain, no toppings/raisins, etc.

Year 2

Iced Biscuits

3 biscuits - your choice of flavour. 

Year 3

Muffins or Cupcakes

3 muffins or cupcakes - can be iced

Year 4

Slice of your choice

3 pieces of a slice of your choice - can be iced

Year 5

Lamington or donut

3 lamingtons or donuts

Year 6

Iced Novelty Cake

Decorated cake of your choice.

Baking Exhibits

All baking exhibits need to be brought to school on Friday, November 5, 2021 by 9a.m.  

Please bring these to the hall kitchen.

Open to all students.

Creating a recycled art project is part of Wairakei Primary School’s Enviro values. 

The theme for 2021 is Mosaic Garden Art.  

Your mosaic piece needs to:

  • be made from reused, recycled or upcycled materials
  • be colourful
  • reflect the school values - you could include the logo, the name or anything else that is unique to Wairakei Primary School

You need to complete an explanation of the procedure either written or photos or both of the making of mosaic garden art piece.

Judges will be marking on the following: 

  • Presentation of the mosaic 
  • Layout of mosaic pieces - avoiding gaps between
  • Choice of colours
  • Link to Wairakei Primary School

Students can start sourcing materials now and constructing these projects at home. 

The completed mosaic pieces need to be brought to school on Thursday, November 4, 2021.