100 Days at School

From the very first day of school, this year Room 11 began keeping track of the number of days we had been at school.

We marked the days by collecting large ice block sticks. When we had collected ten of them we put them in a bundle. In this way, we created bundles of ten and we were able to count by tens and ones. We also did other mathematical activities along the way including: counting forwards & backwards in 10s, ten less & 10 more, greater & less than numbers, and making 10.

One hundred ice block sticks make a large bundle.


As we were not counting weekends or holidays it took us halfway through the year to get to 100 days. We reached this milestone on the first day back in Term 3. Room 11 decided to celebrate our 100 days of learning by making a cake. 

I can count past 100. That is so cool said Grayson.

We can count the bigger numbers. said Riley

I can count forwards to 100 and backwards from 100. said Rikihana

We were lucky that one of our mums, Nat, was able to help us with this activity.  She shared with us her recipe for chocolate cake and to make it special she had some gummy snakes to put in it too. There must have been 100 snakes in the cake. Not one of them making its way to a mouth during the mixing stage.

Tegan knows how to crack an egg.


Rhenyk needs his muscles to stir in those snakes.


The cake is ready to go in the oven.


Looking good.


Nat gets a helping hand with the dishes.


The cake was part of shared lunch that was enjoyed by Room 11 and invited guests which included parents and Mrs Farquhar, our principal. After counting to 100 in 10s the cake was cut by Mrs Farquhar. Of course, with only being half way through the year, keeping track of the days is continuing giving us the opportunity to count in hundreds, tens, and ones. The question is …

Will we make it to 200 Days of School before the end of the year?