2019 Spellathon Fundraising Champs

Our annual school spellathon raised $7590.43.  Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to this fundraiser and learning event. 

All proceeds raised through this event will be used to enhance the reading resources throughout the school. These include junior readers, sight word learning programmes, topic-specific books for senior and middle school, and library books. 

Prizes were presented to the top individual fundraisers in the junior, middle and senior school. 

The individual top fundraiser was Lennox from Room 8. Lennox raised $310.2 -- an outstanding effort.


Our top fundraising superstar Lennox

Top fundraisers

Overall Lenox Room $310.20


The top spellathon fundraisers from each team

Top fundraisers in each team 

Te Mihi - Pikihoro Room 6

Aratiatia - 3 way tie Oscar  Room 4, Lucy Room 4, Dane Room 4

Ohaaki - Scarlett  Room 12

Poihipi - Tegan Room 11

All of these individual top fundraisers were rewarded for their efforts with a book voucher.

Winning Class - Room 14

The class that raised the most money as a group also received a special prize  This year the winning class was Room 14. Room 14 raised $ 948.43 . Room 14’s special prize was a class shared lunch of pizza and ice blocks.


Room 14 excitedly wait for the pizzaman


It was exciting waiting for the pizza.  We were a very lucky class. Annabelle

I enjoyed the pepperoni pizza because it is my favourite.  Te Omeka

We were learning about time and the pizza man was meant to come at 12.45 pm.  He was a little bit late. Lachlan

We got pizza and ice blocks because we raised the most money in the spellathon.  I raised $104.00. Jessie

The ice blocks were yummy.  Pania

I enjoyed the Hawaiian pizza.  Seth

I liked the cheese and pepperoni pizza.  Ihaka

We got to have three pieces of pizza each.  Zahn  

I liked watching Numberjacks and eating my ice block. Izak

Violet made her pizza last the longest.  Kiara

Other kids were peering in our windows as we ate our pizza and ice blocks.  Juno


Violet likes Hawaiian pizza


Thumbs up all around


Remember one slice at a time


Lemonade my favourite


Ice blocks and pizza are super yum


Finishing our special lunch with an ice block and a spot of Numberjacks


Amber and Juno enjoy a slice or two

Curriculum Links

English - Speaking, writing and presenting 

Language features

Use language features appropriately, showing some understanding of their effects.


Spellathon Fundraising 

Room 14 excitedly wait for the pizzaman