2021 Wairakei Interschool Athletics Champions


The Wairakei Interschool Athletics Team did an outstanding job in 2021 to win the title of Interschool Athletics Champions. Every student on the team should feel a sense of pride for the part they played in the team’s success. Everyone tried their best at the events they competed in. All students showed POWER towards their teammates by cheering them on to give them that extra push in their events. 


To highlight how meaningful this achievement is, the last time a Wairakei Primary School team won this title was in 2007. Despite this, Wairakei Primary School has always had some strong athletes. In 2020 they finished 3rd with the girls dominating many of the events they entered. 

The biggest difference in results between then and now, is that the younger athletes competing for the first time this year, many of them boys, excelled in events too. This resulted in our school having a more even spread across top placings for both boys and girls this year.

The groundwork for success started at school, with all year levels having regular athletics practises. The school also moved the venue of its school Athletics Day from Wairakei Primary School to Owen Delany Park, where Interschool Athletics is run. This allowed students the chance to familiarise themselves with the venue many of them would compete at during Interschool Athletics.


Once again I’d like to congratulate all the children who competed at Interschool Athletics in 2021. It is great that Year 6 students departing at the end of the year got to experience such a big achievement during their time at school. 



The challenge for the younger Wairakei Primary School students is to strive for excellence and maintain those high standards set by the 2021 Wairakei Interschool Athletics Team. 


A year 2 student at the Wairakei Primary School Athletics Day

On behalf of Wairakei Primary School, I’d also like to say a big thank you to all of the parents and caregivers who came down to support their children and supervised children on the day.

Please visit our gallery to see more photos from the Interschool Athletics Day. 

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