5 Top Tips From Room 9

Cross Country Training in the Juniors

  •  Pacing

Room 9 students are learning to slow down to a pace they can maintain over the whole cross-country course. 


Donovan explains here


  •  Passing 

The students know that if they are in a bunched group it is a good idea to call out that they are passing.  There is no pushing or shoving.


Mason tells us here


  •  Wet Weather with Slippery Ground

If it is OK to run, then we may need to slow down around puddles, mud and corners so we don’t slip over and have injuries. It is important to adjust to the conditions. 


Bowie explains here


  •  Hazards

This will be the first time Room 9 students have run at Spa Park. They know a hazard could be something like broken glass. They need to go around it and tell a teacher.

  •  Run often

Our class tries to get outside to run every day. We practise our starts and not starting off too quickly.


Madeleine says, I am training with my brother Lenny at home.

Wyatt thinks, I am getting better because I practise.

Malcolm explains, I am really trying not to go in all the puddles.

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