Over the holiday break

The maze has survived the hot weather very well and has become overgrown and it’s in need of a major tidy up. Read more about 'Over the holiday break'...

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Enviro Hamilton Zoo

Enviroschools Workshop Day held at Hamilton Zoo today. 240 students from throughout the Waikato region attended.

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Enviro Picture Boards

Picture Boards - during Term 4 we have been designing and making 'picture boards’ using nature and recycled items found at school.

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Enviro Final Assembly

Final Assembly Wairakei Primary School Enviro Award for 2012.

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Enviro Leavers Garden

TUESDAY 11th & WEDNESDAY 12th DECEMBER 2012  saw Stage One of our LEAVERS GARDEN completed. 

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Enviro We host Taupo Enviroschools Student Workshop Day

Today we hosted a special assembly at which we were officially presented with our Enviroschools Silver Award by Brent Aiken (Taupo District Council), Laurie Burdett (Waikato Regional Council), Richard Boobyer (Hamilton landscaper, NZ TV series The Block) and Amanada Jones (Enviroschools Facilitator).

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Enviro Pet Day Stall

The school’s PTA, who run Pet Day as a fundraiser for senior camps, have agreed that the Enviro Group can keep the money raised from our stall.

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New Gully Sign

LITTERLESS LUNCHBOXES We encourage students to use reusable containers for their food at school. Some Room 9 students showing us they do this every day. Read more about 'New Gully Sign'...

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EnviroSchools Silver Award

We have SILVER! and we are sooooooooooooo happy.

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