A letter from UNSW Sydney

A letter from the University of New South Wales in Sydney arrived at school addressed to ‘Master Ferous Fowler’.

We soon figured out that this was Fergus, and upon opening, he discovered that Dr Cheng-Lu Wu had written the letter. This was because Dr Wu did the Taupo Ironman in March and he was the recipient of Fergus’ motivational letter.

Dr Wu, an associate professor and doctor of aviation who helped design the Taipei International Airport, was featured on UNSW’s website so we read all about him. He had many thanks and much advice for Fergus, such as, ‘Go on and make your life great. Life is great if you make it great.’ Fergus enjoyed reading his long letter.

Thank you to Dr Wu for your delightful letter. You made Room 5’s day.


The lovely long letter


We found you Dr Wu

1 Fergus was pretty excited to receive his letter