Adding a pop of colour

Bird sketching is a fun and rewarding hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages. The key to successful bird sketching is mastering the required techniques before you start. 

Our aim was to be able to free hand sketch a native bird of New Zealand.

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Room 4 explored the different skills needed including holding the pencil correctly, using light lines, shading and toning.

We have learnt to pay attention to the finer details, colours and shapes that make up a bird. In Room 4 there is a wall display of native birds to choose from. Everyone picked a bird of their choice that best described them. We started by lightly sketching the basic outline of the bird, remembering to enlarge the scale of the bird to fit the size of our hand and then add details like feathers, wings, and beaks.

I found drawing the legs of my bird difficult because my bird was not the same size and the claws were tricky.

It was fun because you got to sketch, colour in and rub around with your fingers to decorate my bird.

Now to add the pop of colour. We got to explore the use of two different media including  pastels and chalk pastels. We learnt to identify what was detail on the bird and what was the background, changing the media we were using to chalk pastels for the background. We went over the outline and detail only in pastel, pushing hard to create a nice smooth, solid line before adding the chalk pastel. By using chalk pastels in the background it created a softer look for the eye giving it a dreamy styled look. Using chalk pastels gave us the ability to easily blend colours creating a more realistic bird.

I learnt how to outline my kiwi.

I found it annoying when smudging the colour of the chalk pastels as it went all over my hands.

A kiwi is brown because it is a dark colour and kiwi’s only come out at night time.

This visual art activity has sparked some interest to gain a better understanding as to why birds are a particular colour and how it helps them to survive in their living conditions.

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