Adventures with Leafman

In Room 12, there has been a lot of chatter about the autumn leaves we can see from our classroom windows.

I found some orange, yellow, red and some brown leaves at my house, said Emily.

I made a big pile of leaves and crashed into them, said Maximus. 

Together we read a picture book called ‘Leafman’ written by Lois Ehlert, as an introduction and ‘hook in’ our  leaf art using those leaves we could see.

 ‘Leafman’ follows a bunch of leaves as they are blown over the landscape. The leaves start out in the shape of a man and reassemble into different images as they are blown about. During the reading students were asked what they could see in the pictures?

Leaves, acorns, seed pods.

the leaves are a chicken.

Now leafman is a duck.

There are leaf vegetables and a turkey.

I saw some cows.

He turned into a turtle in the water. 

This led to creating our own leaf collage. Using our leaves from around the school to make a person and tell a story about a day in their life.

The  learning  during the creation of our personal leaf man was to:

  • Observe how art can tell a story.

  • Use collage to represent an animal or person.

  • Learn art vocabulary ie: portrait.

Students learnt how to use elements of art, including shape (organic shapes) and texture (how something feels when touched).

Other images of leaf art were shared with the students to give them some ideas and to help spark their creativity. Exemplars of how they might extend their learning and try some new art techniques.

The class brainstormed about what they loved to do in their spare time. Questions to inspire them challenged their thinking.Who is your favourite person or what is your favourite animal? 

Some students designed and created stags because they love going hunting with their dads

The students had a great time positioning their leaves on the paper and getting their picture ‘just right.’ Many changed their minds and decided to create a different collage. When the students were pleased with their collage, it was time to glue down the leaves.   It is hard work making sure the leaves are in the correct place and holding them, so they can be glued down. When the artwork was finished, googly eyes were attached and a sharpie was used to draw the mouth and other features.







Keywords: seasons, autumn, portrait, collage, Leafman