All they want to do is dance


With our inquiry focus on movement and dance, Room 15 and 16 have been taking lots of opportunities to get moving to music.

Research into the benefits of regular physical activity including dance is overwhelmingly positive. Some of the widely accepted benefits of utilising dance in the classroom include increased physical fitness, development of gross motor skills and coordination, and improved balance and spatial awareness. In addition, dancing is thought to increase chemicals in the brain that help us to feel good. These can improve mood, self-esteem and help us to build relationships with others.

Every morning we start our day with a song and dance, normally using the ‘Just Dance’ videos on YouTube. Some of our favourites include ‘That Power’, ‘YMCA’ and ‘Ghostbusters’. The children in the Rainbow Room are getting pretty good at following the dance routine lead by the dancers on the screen.




Laura getting into it


I like dancing because there are guitars in it. I like guitars - Porsha

Sometimes we find our children need a bit of a boost during the day, especially after lunch and towards the end of a long week. Rooms 15 and 16 really enjoy a waiata and a good kanikani to get the heart pumping and the smiles wide. A couple of our afternoon favourites are ‘Herman the worm’ and the ‘The Monkey Floss’. Rooms 15 and 16 are amazing at doing the floss but our teachers are terrible! It always gets us laughing and energised.


I like dancing because it’ s fun - Hereaka


I like dancing because I practice at my home - Carter


Frankie and Thea floss together.


Ryker shows us his Grandma shark.

Every Friday after playtime, Poihipi heads to the hall for some Waiata-ā-ringa (action songs) with Matua Grant, our kapahaka expert. We have been learning lots of songs and the actions that go with them. We are learning more about te reo and it is a great introduction to kapahaka for students that may like to join the group next year.



Austin, Chase, Billy, Kase and Max having a good kanikani!


Thea and Emmy enjoying waiata-ā-ringa.


Nia concentrating hard.


Here are some links to some of the songs we enjoy in the Rainbow Room. The next time you’re feeling a bit lethargic or down in the dumps, try dancing. It works for us!

YMCA – Just Dance

That Power – Just Dance

Ghostbusters - Just Dance

The Monkey Floss

Herman the Worm


Keywords: The Arts, Dance, Wellbeing, Health, Hauora 

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