An Eggy Experience

I won’t always be

 in this shell, you know,

 I’ve hatched a brilliant plan.

I’ll push my way out

When the time is right

And see what sort of creature I am …

Room 11 students enthusiastically joined in with the reading of this poem during their shared reading sessions. This interactive approach gave them all lots of opportunities to develop reading skills and strategies as we read the text multiple times over several days. These included reading with fluency and expression, responding to the storyline, and developing vocabulary by identifying verbs and adjectives. 

The students had fun exploring the storyline. Initially, they pretended they were the creature inside the egg thinking about how they would hatch out. Of course just thinking about hatching was not successful. They needed to apply a force and push our way out of the shell as we had been learning in our Inquiry topic “Phunky Physics”.





You need force from your body to move an object. Jake

It’s like a bow and arrow. You can’t just say “Go arrow,” and it will go. Kian

He has got to use force and push with his arms and legs. Leela

The students responded to the humour of the poem where the simple illustration of an egg shape with two chicken legs poking out of the bottom was in direct contrast to the scary creature the egg was anticipating it would be. 

The next step was for the students to write their own ‘Egg’  story.

The class had the following ‘Learning Intentions’

  • plan the story with a beginning, middle, and end

  • write the story in sequence

  • use simple describing words

This process took several days as the students drew a picture plan, then added the details for each part of the story. They were able to use words from a word wall that we had brainstormed earlier. 



Finally, the students are in the process of publishing their work by writing their stories using their best handwriting. They will be displayed in our ‘Writers Corner’ inside our class where they can be read  and enjoyed by everyone who comes into Room 11.

I am in an egg. I am going to have sharp claws, pointy teeth, and big scary red eyes. I think I am going to be a shark monster but I am actually a chicken. Leela 

When I was in the egg I was struggling to get out. Then I pushed out my legs and arms. Then I finally got out of the egg. I’m huge and hairy. I’ve got sharp claws too. Jake 

I am waiting to get out of my egg. Punch, punch, kick, kick! There, my arms and legs are out. Punch, punch, kick, kick! Yay, I’m finally out of my egg. Kian 




Keywords: Shared Reading, 

Attributed to: ‘Egg’ from Mooseclumps, a book/blog of poetry for kids Leanne Jackson Room 11

Curriculum Links: English - Listening, Reading, and Viewing, English - Speaking, Writing, and Presenting, Science - Physical World 


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