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Term 4 is a time when teachers have to do the important and challenging task of choosing six students from their class to receive the end of year POWER awards. That is, the students who have shown Pride, Opportunity, Whanau, Excellent and Respect throughout the entire year and not just when the teacher is watching. It is identifying the students that consistently embody what it means to show POWER at Wairakei.

And it is a really difficult job to choose because the majority of students at our school consistently show POWER. Students found out just how hard a job it is when they were asked to choose their own six POWER award recipients. If you were the teacher, who would you choose?

There was a bit of protest. “But you’re the teacher, Mrs Graham! That’s not our job!” It was about to become their job.

It is always interesting to get an insight into how students see each other. They know who does the right thing and they are not afraid to say it. It is also a reflection time for many students. Some immediately want to award the highest honour to themselves. It is challenging to justify their choices with reasons. This links to our English curriculum, which asks that students form and express ideas and information with reasonable clarity, often drawing on personal experience and knowledge and that they begin to add or delete details and comments, showing some selectivity in the process. These POWER comments were an ideal way to assess students’ ability to do this.





We may follow this task by writing our own report comments. We will be trying to add more detail and to use more compound and complex sentences. Again, it is important for students to evaluate their performance, celebrate their successes, and identify some big goals for next year.





Stella is kind to friends. She always listens. She is cheeky in a good way. - Evie

Lauren is a kind friend and a hard worker. - Tori

Finn is always doing the right thing. He shows full POWER all the time. - Zaara

Asharntay always shows whanau when you are sad or hurt. And also when you are fine. - Stella

Mrs Graham shows pride by doing the roll every day. She helps to tidy up every day. - Finn

Ricky tries new things. He is funny and a good friend. - Keanu

Finn is a super duper friend. - Adam

Watch a short video of Declyn sharing his award recipients using Book Creator’s text-to-speech feature here.


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