Anzac Day Learning During Lockdown

Anzac Day is an important day in the New Zealand calendar and this year Wairakei Primary School students have learnt about and commemorated Anzac Day in new and different ways due to the lockdown conditions. 

This morning we got up at 6 o’clock because it is Anzac Day. I made poppies for our letterbox. May, Room 11

Teachers planned a variety of different Anzac Day themed learning tasks for students across many different areas of our curriculum including Social Science, English, Technology, and The Arts.  


Keanu, Room 8


Leila, Room 5

Commemorating and acknowledging the role of ANZAC soldiers fits in with our POWER values - showing pride and respect towards others. Some of our students reflected on previous Anzac Day commemorations and their role in these significant community events.

I go to the dawn parade every year with Cubs. Matthew and I have to get up really early and put on our uniform and warm clothes because it is dark and cold outside. We go to town to meet the other Cubs. We joined the parade. It is very noisy from the drums and trumpets and people marching. We marched to the cenotaph. I saw people in uniform, poppies and flags. People read sad poems and we say “lest we forget”. Some people got upset and I felt sad and proud after the parade.

Daniel, Room 3

Parents and caregivers were included in the process, delivering the learning set by teachers and supporting students with a huge variety of learning activities based around Anzac Day.


Carter, Room 13


Carter and Cohen, Room 13 and Room 5

Our Wairakei School community immersed themselves in the activities and teachers enjoyed receiving videos, photos and examples of their learning.     


Fergus, Room 5

Students used images of soldiers in the trenches to imagine what war time would be like and some of the experiences of the soldiers.

I would be scared to be in the war. It would be a cold, damp place to be. I would hear guns banging, smell smoke and see people shooting. The war would be a scary place to be. Nobody wants to be in the war. We’d probably have to sleep outside and find food. You would definitely want to know how to make fires to cook your food on and know what berries or mushrooms are safe to eat and make sure the water is clean.

Sofie, Room 2


Cole, Room 8

Have a go at some of these Anzac Day learning activities and a whole lot more here.

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