Applying for Lifelong Learning Experiences

Growing lifelong learners is a mission of Wairakei Primary School. Applying the skills learnt within the classroom to real-life situations is a valuable component to transferring abilities. Room 10 have been exploring the requirements of applying for a job or career as part of our financial literacy unit. We have discussed that we need money to cover our living costs within the school.


Bailey: I want to have lots of Mrs Farquhar notes because she is worth $100, which will allow me to rent a table for a week.

Finn: I won’t worry about renting a chair or table; I’ll save my money and work on the floor. Until I discovered, we couldn’t use our Chromebooks on the floor. Can I rent the table for part of the day or week? What would it cost?

The Aratiatia Government, also known as the teachers of Aratiatia, created 35 jobs within our team and displayed them as job advertisements. Next, the children looked at their strengths and traits. We compared the characteristics each of the different jobs advertised might need, to those we identified in ourselves.


Zahn: A banker would need to be great at Maths. It would be an excellent job for me.

Bailey: I like money, and I am very good at being careful where things belong. I think I will have some traits needed to be a banker.

Exploring how people get jobs led us to examine examples of Curriculum Vitae. Now the mission was to sell our strengths and traits enough to secure the job we wanted. 





Harry: Having to persuade the teachers to give me a job was more complicated than I first thought.

Bella: I first chose the job with the highest salary. Then I changed my mind as it wasn’t suited for me. Instead, I applied for three different positions.

The hardest part was writing our skills, strengths and traits in ways that didn’t sound repetitive or boring. Drafting and rewriting their CV’s helped them to become outstanding pieces of work. 





Finally, the teachers made their decisions on who successfully secured which job.

The income will flow, and Room 10 can start saving for our property (also known as tables) and our wants. 

Keywords: financial literacy, Maths, money, life skills

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