Aquaponics and Gardens Thriving


Frog out of hiding

Our student group had a startling discovery - an adult frog living in our aquaponics grow beds.

To our surprise, while stripping out the strawberry plants, a frog popped out, sat on the clay beads for a while and then happily went back under the foliage.

A big highlight of this discovery is that frogs indicate a healthy environment.

We also have two baby frogs still living in another pond in the growing tunnel house.


Students check out the frog


Baby Frog


Hi Guys. Ive been in hiding

We have had a very successful growing season during terms 1 and 2 this year. The strawberries grown in the aquaponic beds have been plentiful and tasty.


Produce from gardens


Harvest of tomatoes and carrots

Hi Guys2. Ive been in hiding