Aratiatia Home Learning

Being at home allows us to learn in many different ways. Here are some ways Aratiatia students have been keeping their minds and bodies active.

Math looks different in every home. Some students have whiteboards set up, some are also doing practical maths tasks. We are reading books about maths concepts and creating responses to these. Some students are giving video lessons, such as Kiara. She watched Whaea Angel’s video about division and created her own lesson, with the help of her dog and some dog biscuits.

I’m going to be teaching you how to do divisions. 10 divided by 2. Draw two big squares because we’re splitting it into 2 groups. You need 10 dog biscuits.





We have been completing literacy tasks in different ways. Here is Jacob with his passion project about snakes and some facts. We are still practising our spelling and handwriting in lots of different ways.




Laila wrote some metaphors about her family.

Dad is a turtle with his hard back. He can’t get down to do bows at karate. Mum is a teddy bear - cuddly, soft, and friendly. Zee is a bouncing bunny, always happy and active.

STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math themed activities) have been a popular choice while at home. Here is Hope with her own guitar.


We can also build life-sized creations and make special learning spaces! Here is Lizzie inside her hut.


The abundance of recycling has allowed us to be creative. For ANZAC Day, some students made milk bottle lanterns, decorating the outside with symbols that represented ANZAC Day. Then a candle was placed inside. These were put at our letter boxes on ANZAC morning to show our respect. We also commemorated the day in other ways.

Hi Miss Nicholson, I hope you like my lantern. I’m going to light it tonight. From Dani.



Keeping active and getting out of the house has also been fun. Have a look at this video featuring some of the ways we have been keeping fit.

Watch the video here

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