Interschool Athletics

Our Interschool Athletics team are ready to face off against other contributing schools in Taupo.


Y5 Highjump - Gilbert Jepson 1st place

The event was held at the Owen Delany Athletics park. The sun was shining and the students were amped. Our team showed amazing sportsmanship, PRIDE in the uniform, Aroha towards teammates and overall were awesomely behaved.


Boys Year 5 Long jump

Our students had excellent results throughout the day in many events for our Year 4, 5 and 6 students which ended in an overall result of 3rd place.  


Girls relay team 2nd place


Boys relay team


Girls ready to start the relay jpg

Mrs Forrest and Mrs Smith were extremely proud of all the students who represented Wairakei Primary School.  We would like to acknowledge the support from our Parents, you are all amazing -- the day would not have been successful without your support!

3. Y5 Highjump Gilbert Jepson 1st place