Better Than a Selfie

Goal setting has been a focus for all students in Room 11. They have talked about their learning and with support have identified their next learning steps. From these discussions, they have identified a learning goal. Similarly, this process was repeated with whānau. These goals cover a range of learning experiences and time frames.

My goal is to stretch out sounds, hear letter sounds and write the letter.Sam

My learning goal is to count  to 100 from any number.Rikihana

My goal is to read hard books. To think about what the words say. To read more words by myselfGrace

My goal is to climb up the snake rope on the senior playground.Dorian

To keep a track of the skills that are being learnt and practised by the students we created individual goal folders.


The first step was to create the body with students selecting the colours they wanted for the jacket, arms and legs. After cutting them out the students used their mathematics skills to place the different components in the right place. To do this they identified the shorter arms, longer legs and left and right sides. Naturally, we had to dance the Hokey Tokey several times during this process.

The next step was to create the heads. Students decided which wool best matched their hair colour. After observing themselves in the mirror they created their hairstyles by measuring the wool into appropriate lengths and glueing them into place. They then felt with their fingers how their eyes were in line with their ears. They measured with their fingers how far apart their eyes were before these too were glued into place.


Further observations of their facial features led to students reproducing what they observed on whiteboards. They also measured with their fingers how wide their chin, nose and lips were to determine where these features were situated on their face. When they were happy with their practice drawings they drew facial features onto their head shapes. The students attached the heads and hands to their bodies. So that we become successful at achieving our goals we are devising action plans that include practice, who to ask for support and a time frame. These will also be put in the folders.







We think the special folders we created are better than a selfie.  Having them displayed in a prominent position means we are reminded of our learning goals throughout the day.





Keywords: Goals,  inquiry, self-portraits 

selfportrait room 11 3