Blooming Lovely

Our Inquiry had an art focus. Each class in the school was to present an installation around an idea or concept for Art in the Park. The community would be invited to view all the installations in an art trail.

Poems Elrington creates amazing animal sculptures out of discarded hubcaps. Room 11 decided we would like to create a hub cap sculpture too. Instead of animals we would create flowers. This was because Mrs Jackson loves everything about flowers. Their colours, shape, texture and variety.  We also know from our previous insect study how important flowers are as they provide food for beneficial insects. 

Mrs Jackson likes flowers and flowers help insects stay alive because they give insects food. Blue attracts the bees, so we spray-painted blue on one of the hubcaps.


Unlike Ptolemy Elrington there were not many hubcaps to be found beside our roads so Mr Jackson had the task of sourcing some. He came up trumps when he got some free from a car wrecker. He also had the nerve to come home one day and say he had seen a hub cap on the side of the road, but he couldn’t stop because it was on a dangerous bend.  He was told in no uncertain terms that if he did not find a way of safely getting it he would not be allowed back in the house. Needless to say he got the hubcap. 

A request was sent out to our families for donations of old gardening hand tools and It was great how grandparents sent in some of their well-used  ones. Some students were even prepared to relinquish tools they had used when they were babies.  If the caretakers left their gardening tools in the gardens for any length of time they were also claimed by children in Room 11 for our artwork.  They were reluctantly returned. One of our Poppas gave us some nuts, bolts and washers from his shed. Mrs Farquhar gave us a couple of boxes of cutlery that she had inherited from her aunties. We had already been collecting bottle tops so all we needed to do was sort them into the different sizes, shapes and colours.



My Nana gave me the gardening stuff that the neighbours threw over the fence into her garden thinking there was no house there.

Max S

I brought a gardening trowel and fork from Mum because she stored them for years from when I was a baby. I don’t need them anymore because I don’t do planting anymore because Dad is too busy to use them.


My Poppa got the nuts, the bolts, the washers and those metal poles because I politely asked him if I could use some of his materials for the art installation.


The students cleaned up the hubcaps and they were spray painted along with the gardening tools. Bright primary and secondary colours were chosen as we wanted to create a happy flower garden.




“The colours that we used in our installation are colours from the rainbow. The colours blue, green and purple are cool colours and  make me feel relaxed. Orange and yellow are warm colours and make me feel happy and excited.”


The students worked in pairs and each pair of children was given a container of objects to create a  flower design on a paper template.  The children looked at how the different elements of their design fitted together and how the shapes of the cutlery, plastic lids, bolts, cargo ties, washers and coloured pebbles combined to create a flower design. Mathematics concepts of repeating patterns, counting in twos and long & short were used to create balance in their designs. The objects were glued into place.



The flowers were erected in stages. Initially, we had thought the flowers would stand alone in the school gardens. When we looked at the gardening tools that were donated we realised the safety issue of some of them so we decided to place the flowers against a wall. 




Art, flowers and children go hand in hand because they all make us smile. That is why our art installation is called ‘Blooming Lovely’. The children were able to explain why the installation matters to them and what it means to them.


I like me and Kase’s flower because Mrs Jackson likes flowers. My mum’s favourite colour is blue and me and Kase’s flower is blue and that reminds me about my mum and how much she loves me.


I like me and Lennon’s flower because it is blue and my favourite colour is blue.



Mine and Ryker’s flower is my favourite flower because it is blue and I made it with Ryker. It is precious to me and Ryker. We used spray paint, nuts, bolts, yoghurt lids, spoons, a lid, zip ties, a hubcap, two spades and a trowel. It is the best flower.


I like blue because it reminds me of my mum. Most of my mum’s clothes are blue and sometimes her hair is blue too!



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