Boomerang Bags in Room 3

Mrs Thompson, along with Victoria and her mum, attended a Boomerang Bags Taupo session. They made reusable produce bags. It was very inspiring to learn about the idea of Boomerang Bags and how it works. People come together to make reusable bags from fabric, which had been destined for the landfill. This saves waste and prevents further waste by reducing the number of plastic bags being used. It also creates community dialogue around the problem of single-use plastic, plastic pollution and zero-waste alternatives.


Mrs Thompson at a Boomerang Bags session


Victoria and Melissa making Boomerang produce bags


Mrs Thompson invited Diana, a Taupo volunteer for Boomerang Bags, to come and run a sewing bee in Room 3. We all learned how to make the reusable Boomerang Bags. Luckily all the labels and pieces of fabric we needed were provided for us. They were even cut out ready! You can pick up a pack to sew your own reusable boomerang bags from Taupo Toy Library.  We had to learn how to use a sewing machine to sew the handles, sew the seams, and sew on the labels. We even learned how to pin the pieces together, measure handle sizes and mark out the corners to be sewn. Quianah and Clare were experts at this and taught the other students how to do it.


Diana teaching us to measure handles


Diana showing us how to sew Boomerang Bags


Clare teaches Kevin how to pin


Teamwork to pin the bags

We are very lucky to have amazing parent support in Room 3. Ava’s mum, Tania, and Victoria’s mum, Melissa, came in to help us. They brought in their sewing machines too. Mrs Thompson brought in her machine and Karen volunteered to help us too. We had four machines and five adults helping us. It was a really busy sewing bee!


Busy sewing bee in Room 3





Boomerang bag half done

We were super excited to see the finished bags coming together. All our individual pieces joined, making wonderful professional looking bags. Ashtin excitedly announced each one as it was finished and held it up proudly for us to see.


Ashtin announces another finished bag


Boomerang Bags

The children were so inspired and showed such amazing sewing skills, that Mrs Thompson decided to set up a sewing corner in Room 3 for the rest of the term. The children have proudly been creating prototypes for their inquiry technology projects. Imogen has designed and sewn tissue pouches. Ava and Brooke have designed and sewn a reusable cutlery pouch and many children have made reusable produce bags. Piper has been a fantastic teacher, showing the others how to thread the cord through the top of the bag. Many other students have also shown leadership skills, teaching others how to use the machine and sewing equipment. Mrs Thompson has been amazed at the peer tutoring that has been happening. She has only had to teach a couple of students sewing skills and from there the students have taught each other.


Room 3 sewing corner


Avas snack bag prototypes


Reusable produce bags


Imogens tissue pouch prototypes

Te Whetu, Tyler, Ashtin, Kevin, and Kritnesh learned how to recycle bread bags by melting them together with an iron or toasted sandwich maker. They came up with the idea of making the recycled plastic into pencil cases. Mrs Thompson helped them create a prototype and they have been busy sewing these on the machine.


Te Whetu and Tyler recycling plastic bags


Ashtin with his recycled plastic


Te Whetu pinning his plastic pencil case prototype


Recycled plastic pencil cases

Please pop in and see our fantastic creations in our sewing corner. You will find someone busy at the sewing machine giving materials destined for the landfill a new life as a reusable item. I wonder what we will create next?

Busy sewing bee in Room 3