Bugs for Breakfast

The Captain Marvel reading group read an interesting article in School Journal Level 2 May 2017. The story opened their eyes to the possible benefits of eating insects to gain our protein and other nutrients needed within our dietary needs. 

The reading superstars explored the article with apprehension. Discovering that we eat inserts without even knowing it. 


Amaya: There is no way I eat bugs without knowing it.

Lexi: What do they taste like, I wonder?

They read that there might become a shortage of food due to the increase in the world's population, and that bugs are the best way to solve this problem. High in protein, do not require much water, land or space to live, and are cheap and easy to process. Making them an ideal food to eat.

Cindy went off and bought some Crickets, offering them to the group to see if they could eat them instead of sandwiches, meat or vegetables.



With a mixture of apprehension and excitement, the group gave it a Wairakei try. Showing all the attributes of POWER..



Lexi: They feel like grains and taste like nothing really.

Alun: They are nice but feel weird in your mouth.

Emma: It was weird. No one will want to eat these.

Amaya: I’m not too keen to give it a go, thanks but I'll try a little.

The rest of the class were offered some crickets to try.





Keywords: Environment, Sustainability, food cycle, health, School Journal

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