Careers Expo

The students of Aratiatia Community were invited to their very own careers expo - a chance to learn about jobs, careers, and what adults do for work each and every day.

This event supported our learning around financial literacy, needs and wants, and goods and services. Many local business people and Taupo community services arrived at the school, including a Kinloch fire truck, a police car, the Coast Guard boat, Rapids Jet, a Riordan and West truck and trailer unit - and the Greenlea Rescue Helicopter! This was certainly a treat on our very own school field.







Inside the hall, there were a lot of stalls, all featuring local businesses. Students were welcomed to talk to our visitors, prompted by a question bingo sheet, which gave students the confidence to interact with the adults. “What does a typical day at your job look like?” and “What are the tricky parts of your job?” were some of the questions students were curious about.

Dog grooming, forestry, carpentry, veterinary medicine, teaching, art, geology, fly fishing, district planning, law, real estate, hairdressing, physiotherapy - these were just some of the jobs our students could learn more about.









“I liked the dog groomer the best. You have to be careful doing the nails - they don’t like it,” commented Holly.

“Zaara’s mum is a teacher. I liked playing with her playdough,” said Kody.

“Sawing the wood was the best. We got to keep the wood and we got a lolly, too,” exclaimed Keanu.

“I want to be a vet. I love animals. I wore the vet mask and the costume,” said Lizzie.

“I couldn’t believe the rescue helicopter came to our school,” said everyone!

Our careers expo supporting the Key Competencies of Relating to others and Using language, symbols, and texts. Students had to converse with adults, which is not something they are used to in this kind of setting. Students also heard unfamiliar terminology related to jobs. It was a big learning curve, and quite eye-opening.










We would like to say a very big thank you to all the people that supported our careers expo. We were so grateful that you took time out of your day and made a big effort to give our students a very unique and special experience. We know you have inspired our students in many different ways and they are still raving about it.

The culmination of our learning about financial literacy will be on Thursday September 26,  2-3p.m. in the school hall - called Mall in the Hall. Students will be selling their own goods and services and we would like to invite everyone to come along.


Keywords: Mall in the Hall, Careers Expo, financial literacy, oral language 

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