Catching Snowflakes

The temperatures started to plummet. Frosts and cold winds signalled to Room 11 that Winter had arrived.

Warm jerseys, gloves, scarves and beanies were part of our daily wardrobe. We could see snow on the mountains behind Lake Taupō-nui-a Tia. Every day we discussed the possibility that it just might start snowing at school.

To celebrate the arrival of Winter and our dreams of snow we created our Catching Snowflakes artworks. The children used a template to draw their head, shoulders, scarf, mouth, and tongue before they cut them out. They matched the colour of their hair to the paper that was available. Mathematics skills were used to measure the length of the hair strands and doubles thinking to have the same amount of hair on each side of their head.  We had lots of discussions about who had the same colour, texture and length of hair and how their hair was different from others. The children who needed to have curls created had firm ideas about how much curl was needed.

The addition of teeth was an experience in itself.  How many? What size? What shape? So many decisions to make. Children who had lost some teeth were keen to show this in their artwork. 

Getting the right size and shaped teeth was important




Jack checked out the gaps in Isa’s mouth.


We modified a foam flower with a silver pen to create the snowflake for the tongue. Some children drew their own snowflakes for the background getting inspiration and support from each other in their snowflake designs. Children were impressed with Riley’s snowflake design and she gave them a workshop on how to draw it.

Riley demonstrating how to draw her snowflake design.


We haven’t had any snow at school yet but the display of our Catching Snowflakes in Room 11 gets plenty of smiles anyway.







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