Throwing around words like “impossible”, “likely”, “definite”, “unlikely”, “certain”, and “possible” has made everyone think about how we often over exaggerate during our conversations. Ideas such as “It is impossible for me to get a new car today.” Well… is it impossible? 

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No. However, it is extremely unlikely that this would happen. Is it impossible for me to grow wings and fly over the river - Yes.

Room 1 conversations have been intense and the reasoning between students has been both interesting and thought provoking. Learning discussions are helping students to become better at understanding the language and how to use chance vocabulary more accurately.

The next learning step was looking at how fractions connect to probability. 

What are the chances of pulling a particular shape out of a bag when we know the total number of shapes? 

Can we work out the fraction of the chance of a certain shape coming out?

Keywords: Mathematics, probability, chance, impossible, possible, unlikely, likely, may, may not, certain, definite, maybe, teamwork, cooperation, learning discussions.

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