Chatter Pix Kids App

Room 10 students have been learning about a new app called Chatter Pix Kids as part of the digital technology curriculum.

Steven Ross, an expert on digital technology, came into Room 10 and taught students how to take a photo, add a speaking line so it moves, place stickers on their image and save their video to the iPad so they could retrieve it later.  





The learning that came from this activity allowed students to make decisions about creating, manipulating, storing and retrieving digital content for a specific purpose. They were given particular parameters and iPads to use to guide them in making their videos and it allows them to talk about their learning in a fun and interesting way.

Since learning about Chatter Pix Kids the students are using it to talk about characters they have been reading about, explain their learning about friendships. This is a photo of one of my students explaining what he has been learning about in maths, where he has created a Lego town and talked about being able to push his vehicle around the town using language such as near and far. 


Keywords: Digital technology, Problem-solving, language acquisition, integration,

Chatter kids 7