Class Tree-Ty

Room 4 has been working hard to create our class treaty for the year. 


We looked at the book The Tree Hut Treaty. This gave us a good understanding of what a treaty is and how two parties come together to agree on something. We co-constructed the rules together as a class.


We looked at how we could create rules so it was fair for everyone, the most important rule we decided on was to have fun. We are a class full of energic keen learners that are willing to go outside our comfort zone and try new things. 


Isla said : Our class treat was made up by our whole class and we decided on the rules and consequences our class will follow this year.

As a class we co-constructed consequences if we do not follow the rules we set. This was important as we need to make sure we are not giving the children surprises and they know what will happen if they break one of our class rules. This not only holds the child accountable but also the peers around the children can remind others to stick to our treaty.. 


Dali said: I like our class treaty because it has our rules and everyone can follow it to make our classroom safe.

Room 4’s motto is: To be the best that we can be, we need to worry about ourselves before anyone else. You can’t help others if you are not being a role model yourself.

Class Tree ty 02