Collaboration in Room 9

Building Bridges


To build a bridge using light card, blocks and tape, that will span a river. Challenge - build a bridge to hold toy cars across a gap.



To complete the task with a partner.



The whole class had a discussion about what working with a partner would look like and sound like.  

The class decided

  • Everyone would talk quietly to each other about their ideas and how to do things.

  • One person  listening when the other person is talking.

  • Everyone would take turns to make parts of the bridge or to share out different parts of the job, so each person gets a go.



Did the bridges span the river?  Some did, some didn’t.  Some bridges could hold cars. 

Did you work together to make the bridge?  Most said yes.

Was it easy to work with a partner to design and build the bridge? Some said yes, but a lot said no.

Good things about working with a partner

  • Helped with ideas for how to do things.

  • It was good to have someone to hold bits when we were taping things together,

  • If things didn’t work we could solve it together.

Tricky things about working with a partner.

  • Sometimes I didn’t like my partner's ideas.

  • I wanted to do it my way.

  • My partner wouldn’t listen to me,

  • My partner didn’t let me have a turn.


Jack says, It was tricky to get the bridge across the river.

Tamehana explains, The tape was hard because you couldn’t find the end.

Lachlan said, I don’t usually work with Wyatt, but it was ok.


Keywords:  collaborate, span, problem-solving, taking turns

Key Competencies Room 9 Bridge Building 4