Comic Strip Comedy

In anticipation of a visit from author and illustrator Donovan Bixley, Aratiatia students have been doing some writing and drawing of their own.

To create comic strips, we have been learning about:

  • speech bubbles to create dialogue

  • alliteration for the title eg Haylee Heart

  • onomatopoeia to create action and sounds



We looked through some of Donovan’s books for inspiration. We particularly liked how funny the pictures are in Dinosaur Rescue and the wolf drawings in Little Red Riding Hood Not Quite. We wanted to make funny stories and interesting characters.

Since we are learning about parts of the human body, we tried to make our characters based on the body. It was actually really hard so some of us chose our own characters




Lily: Mine is a heart. I did the shape of a real heart.

Jessie: Donovan had a farting dinosaur in his book and I did that in mine.

Bella: My comic had a surprise at the end.

Our curriculum focus was using language features. We were learning to “use written, and visual language features to create meaning and effect”. Our key competency focus was using language, symbols and texts. We also had to try and self-monitor and self-correct our spelling, and make sure our handwriting was legible in the comic. Otherwise, how will our readers understand our story?



We hope Donovan can give us some tips about becoming authors and illustrators. We will show him our work.

View Dani and Brooke reading their comic strips.

---------------------------Curriculum links: English L2 - Writing - Language Features