Creative Compound Words


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Room 11 has studied the work of Laura Ranger, a 9 year old poet who wrote a collection of poems called “two word poems’ where she played with the words that made up compound words. 

They  learnt that compound words are two real words put together to make one longer word. This has helped them build their vocabulary and to make writing more interesting.

LI: to understand how compound words are made up of two other real words.

LI: to use compound words creatively.

LI: to present our work digitally.

Achievement Objectives:

English, speaking, writing and presenting, structure: Organise texts, using simple structures.

The students in Room 11 have been learning to build their vocabulary to make their writing more interesting to the reader and to be able to read more words. One way that the students have worked on this is our study of compound words; two small words that are combined to make one longer word.

For example, fire and place make the word fireplace.

They are two real words that stick together - Zoe Bouma

Compound words are useful when writing sentences like simple sentences - Taylor Conway

The students first began by listening to words being broken up in different ways, and using hand gestures to help separate the smaller words in the compound word.

If you are stuck on a word, you can break the word up and spell the two words

The students then read a poem, A Werewolf, by Lorrie L. Birchall, where they searched for all the compound words we could find.



They played with the possibilities of compound words, and gave their own “two word poems” a go.





Finally, the students presented their “two word poems” using Google Docs.


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