Cross-Country 2018

On Tuesday the 28th of August, Wairakei students ran their Cross-country.

The long course was a kilometre, the short course, 500 meters. This year Wairakei Primary School' Cross-country was held at spa park.

The top 6 students from years 4, 5 and 6 all qualified for Inter Schools to be held in week 7. Huge congratulations to all that competed and a massive thanks to Mrs Forrest for doing all the organisation and all the parents, grandparents, caregivers and whanau for coming to support.

James: I liked everything, except that I had the stitch

Chloe: I liked the running, but not the hill

Abbey B: I liked that I did my best, I didn't like the big hill

Results of the 2018 WPS Cross Country

Year 1 boys

Year 2 boys

Year 3 boys

Year 4 Boys

Year 5 Boys

Year 6 Boys

  1. Seth Oppert

  2. Jacob Purcell-Weston

  3. Te Omeka Ormsby

  1. Daniel Moore

  2. Harry Samuel

  3. Lachlan Tombleson

  1. Lennox Munro

  2. Zavier Jenkins

  3. Elliot Turquier

  1. Matthew Moore

  2. Ireehaze Pineaha-Nicoll

  3. Jack Staples

  4. Jaxon Terry

  5. Sol Wozny

  6. Nicholas Ross

  7. Sam Brear

  8. Havoc Goodley

  9. Shaun Forrest

  10. Chaos Goodley

  1. William Mortimer

  2. Cole Arnold

  3. Nikau Collins

  4. Ollie Wigram

  5. Finnley Cowell

  6. Bailey Thomasen

  7. Kobe Hutton

  8. Ben Parker

  9. Jacob Campin

  10. Reid Gordon

  1. Noah Massey-Borman

  2. Finn Wigram

  3. Carlo Mienie

  4. Daniel Morrison

  5. Gilbert Jepsen

  6. Ryan Hume

  7. Alex Arnold

  8. Beau Condon

  9. James McIntyre

  10. Fletcher McKay

Year 1 girls

Year 2 girls

Year 3 girls

Year 4 Girls

Year 5 Girls

Year 6 Girls

  1. Chloe Gregory

  2. Lucy Terry

  3. Emma Isaacson

  1. Arabella Fletcher

  2. Macey Clark

  3. Isla Pepper

  1. Clare Mounsey

  2. Quianah Pineaha-Nicoll

  3. Poppy Noble

  1. Lelia McIntyre

  2. Sapphire Jones

  3. Lucy Samuels

  4. Jemma Haenga

  5. Elizabeth Hamilton

  6. Carly Arnold

  7. Hannah Jones

  8. Mikayla Griffiths

  9. Daisy Bragg

  10. Izzy Dufty

  • Kaytlin Forster

  • Jasimyn Jones

  • Emma Weir

  • Amy Officer

  • Sholah Roberts

  • Amelia Spragg

  • Delta Congdon

  • Capri Kelly

  • Alana Dodson

  • Nikea Williams

  1. Fern Nixon

  2. Izayleah Pineaha-Nicole

  3. Ally Nicholson

  4. Amber Nicol

  5. Emma Staples

  6. Vanessa Keith

  7. Holly Bolton

  8. Jayda Nixon

  9. Julieana Habib

  10. Libbie Clarke

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A cold and blustery day saw 34 Wairakei Primary School students from years 4, 5 and 6 make the trip to Spa Park to compete in the 2018 Inter-School Cross Country.

There was a healthy combination of nerves, excitement and some trepidation on the start line which turned into some great performances. It was great to see all our runners giving 100% and pushing themselves all the way to the end, even up the big hill. With all the racing done and the points calculated we placed a very respectable 2nd place overall.

A big shout out to the Taupo Harriers Club for their sterling work setting up and running the day, also our wonderful Wairakei parents, caregiver and whanau who transported and supported the team all day, thank you, we cannot do these events without you.

2018 Inter-School Cross Country Team

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Matthew Moore

Ireehaze NIcoll

Jaxon Terry

Sol Wonzy

Nicholas Ross

Lelia McIntyre

Sapphire Jones

Lucy Samuels

Mikayla Griffiths

Elizabeth Hamilton

Carley Arnold

William Mortimer

Cole Arnold

Nikau Collins

Ollie Wigram

Finnley Cowell

Kaytlin Forster

Jasmine Jones

Emma Weir

Amy Officer

Sholah Roberts

Amelia Spragg

Noah Massey-Borman

Finn Wigram

Carlo Menie

Daniel Morrison

Ryan Hume

Alex Arnold

Fern Nixon

Izayleah Nicoll

Ally Nicholson

Amber Nicol

Emma Staples

Vanessa Keith

Selected results

Year 4 Girls

Year 5 Girls

Year 6 Girls

1st Lelia McIntyre

2nd Kaytlin Forster

3rd Jasymin Jones

2nd Fern Nixon

To finish off a great day Wairakei were awarded the Taupo Primary School’s Sportsmanship award.

Inter School XC 1