Developing leadership skills

Leadership skills are an important part of growing. Leaders lead in different ways and offer different skills. This term we have been teaching students some leadership skills. Our aim is to develop their confidence within themselves, build self esteem, encourage Key Competency skills, and see these skills being transferred into the classroom and the playground.   

I enjoy this group because I get to learn about being a good role model and I get to do something constructive. Sometimes the time of day is hard because I can miss out on stuff with my friends Cooper P Rm 6

The first few days were about building relationships within the team, getting to know each other better and developing our own expectations when we are together as a team.  


Danger Expectations Ahead - as a team we have developed expectations we expect to see in our team. 2020


Developing leadership skills Communication and listening to others ideas

Circuit training

During our time together,  we have learned to lead circuit training to develop our fitness. While developing techniques,  we hope to lead small groups next term for the Te Mihi team.


Learning the techniques to lead the fitness stations

I like it, it is really fun and I get to learn how to be a role model to juniors. The discussions help me identify when I need to calm down. Sometimes the group doesn't take it seriously and I get frustrated by this. Maybe we need to remind them about our expectations. Zavier, Rm 6. 


Learning fun games which helps us work together cooperate and develop communication and problems solving skills

Part of being a leader is to be able to listen to others’ ideas and opinions. During this time we sit down as a group and discuss topics and share our thoughts and ideas to our group. 

This has got me working more in groups. Bobby

I learned how to work together with others. Shaun

I thought leadership was about leaders yelling and telling people what to do, and I’ve learned that it’s not. Cooper P


Learning fun games which helps us work together cooperate and develop communication and problems solving skills

Having guests come and speak to us about the importance of working together has been a wonderful experience for us. Josh from King Country rugby joined us and taught us some team building skills. 

Key skills we learned were fairness, we all do the mahi and we all get the reward (the reward could be to win a game or the feeling afterwards), there’s no I in team, and listening to each other. 


Self control listening to and following instructions

I can’t wait to share the games with my class. Swayde

This group helped me become motivated. Cooper M

I can be a good friend. Marshall


Teaching and learning rugby skills and technique listening to instructions


Jogging around the field as a team. team building skills

End of term reflection

What worked well? 

Listening, being positive, playing different games, learning new skills, sharing, afternoon sessions, having fun and learning together. 

What would we change?

Have more active games, more learning about the brain, student choice in some of the games, more talking time, and more special guests. 

I can be a role model. Kayde 

More motivated to learn. Wiremu

I have had fun and made new friends. Lenox

Keywords: Leadership skills, team building, communication, cooperation, listening 

Learning fun games which helps us work together cooperate and develop communication and problems solving skills 4