Drama in Room 8

Our Inquiry was about Space. We learned a lot about the Sun. We read the Maori legend ‘Maui and the Sun’. We learned a drama technique called ‘Freeze Frame’. 

Freeze frame (or a still image) is creating an image using our body with no movement. It is like pressing the pause button on a remote control, taking a photo or making a statue.


Riley Izak Harrison Finn and Isabella Freeze Frame


Lennox Lenox Jack Malia and Mikayla Freeze Frame

Drama builds confidence, helps concentration, and develops language and communication skills. It also encourages us to cooperate. 

I loved drama because we worked in groups. Keiran, Room 8.

I love drama because I enjoy spending time with my friends performing expressions and action. Ava, Room 8.

In small groups, we practise the Freeze Frame technique. The objective was to show a scene from the legend. We found equipment around the classroom as props for our performance. When they were ready, each group performed in front of the class. I loved the motivation of each of the groups.


Brooke Emily Karma and Ava Freeze Frame


Emily Karma Brooke and Ava performing their play


Mikayla Zoe and Malia performing their play

The following week, we learned more about Drama and practised for another play. We learned that an actor uses gesture, expression, movement and speech skills to communicate emotions of the character. We had to think carefully about how to use our tone of voice.


Layne Harrison Finn Isabella and Riley performing their play


Arion Darrius Izak and Brooke performing their play


Riley Keiran and Blake performing their play

At the end of our performance, we reflected on our successes and improvements. 

I really liked being Venus in the play. I enjoyed being an actor. Riley, Room 8.

I loved playing with my friends. I need to work on my expression. Zoe, Room 8.

Keywords: Drama, Freeze Frame, Maui and the Sun, ‘Who’s the Best?’, performance, reflect

Riley Keiran and Blake performing their play. Room 8 2020 8