Education Outside the Classroom - Room 15’s Art Adventure

The Big Picture

Often we think of school camps for more senior students when we think of Education Outside the Classroom, but it can be as simple as Bike Taupo coming to school to assist with biking at the local park or reserve or swimming classes at the AC Baths.  Class trips can be important motivators for learning especially as you begin an inquiry. They not only spark ideas for learning but also provide a way for students to socialise with peers they may not normally interact with outside of school. Research has shown that;

"EOTC is vital to curriculum enrichment, student engagement and learning, and to make an important contribution to developing social skills and relationships. The unique opportunities that EOTC provides for students to explore their interests, experiment with different ways of behaving or interacting, and to have greater control of their learning were also highly valued by staff and students alike." 



The Role of Whanau

Schools could not organise camps, class trips etc without the help of whanau. Students love to have mum, dad or grandparents along to share their experience and it provides the opportunity for teachers and whanau to build rich relationships around their commitment to the students learning. Parents will often say “ I don’t know how you do it”, meaning the management and learning with classes, so class trips provide them with an informal view of how teachers manage groups and how open questions are used to encourage students to think more deeply about what they see and experience.  Teachers have the opportunity to discover hidden talents and skills parents can offer to extend and enrich learning.

Art in the Park Inquiry

The inquiry for Term 4 is ‘Art in the Park’ and includes multiple opportunities for the students of Room 15 to contribute to and participate  in authentic opportunities to create their own art.  The children created artworks to sell at the craft table for the school Pet Day and have been working to create an installation to beautify part of the school.  Parents and whanau are the audience as they are not only invited to the Pet Day but also a special school morning to view the installations.  As well as these creations Room 15 has been learning about concepts such as primary and secondary colours, warm and cool colours, emotions and colours, contrast, perspective and line and shape.  They have been applying their knowledge to art images and will move on to creating their own static image.  What better way to motivate this learning but to check out art in our local community.


Art in the Museum

Graffiato, Taupo Museum, Taupo Library and the South Domain Playground

Graffiato is an event held each Labour Weekend in the Taupo community where well  known local and overseas artists beautify alleyway walls with surprising and thought provoking murals.  2020 was the tenth anniversary of this event and the museum was hosting graffiato art in their gallery to celebrate this.  

Room 15 was able to spend 30 minutes at the Museum, the Library, the South Domain (including the playground) and on a Graffiato Walk to discover and explore local art and culture.  For some it was their first visit to the Museum and Library and they were warmly welcomed by staff who were able to relate to the students on their level and share their love of these special places and collections.

Students were encouraged to explore, to discover and to enjoy.  They were able to touch and hold artifacts and taonga. They responded to the art and shared what they liked and didn’t like. The South Domain sculptures were explored and the playground enjoyed. How do we know that connections are made?  When you are exploring warm and cool colours and a student responds with, “that’s like the ribbon art we saw”, then it feels very worthwhile.


Exploring Taonga

Grayson said, I liked going on the bus with my friends.

Kaylah said, I liked having sushi with my mum.

Kyesha said, I liked the dinosaur bones and the kiwi at the museum.

Lucian said, I liked finding llama’s in the library.

Thomas said, I liked seeing the graffiato art,


Responding to Graffiato

Keywords: graffiato, museum, library, collections, mural, contrast, perspective

Curriculum Links: The Arts - Understanding Art in Context, Developing Ideas, Communicating and Interpreting. 

English Curriculum - Viewing and Presenting, Speaking

The Arts Room 15 Responding to Graffiato No 5