Fancy Me Football

As winter approaches, so do winter sports.

This term the Ohaaki team is focusing their Physical Education learning on developing large ball skills in preparation for winter sports.  Football, or soccer as some of us still call it, is a popular activity with Room 14 students.


Learning movement skill and watching where we are going

Football skills include dribbling, kicking, passing, stopping the ball, and tackling the ball off a partner. When we dribble the ball we are learning to have control first and then add speed. We are learning to kick with the inside part our foot and just like we have a dominant hand for writing and drawing we have a foot that we find kicking a ball easier with.


Getting ready to try and dribble their balls past the attackers who are going to try and steal their ball


This is what red light looks like in a game of traffic lights


Room 14 ready and listening for some soccer action


Ready to practice dribbling in the traffic light game


Practising their dribbling skills

Alongside the ball skills, we have also been working on our evasion skills. These skills include chasing, blocking, dodging, and just basically looking at where we are going so we don’t crash into each other as we run around. These skills are very important in games like football.  


Watch out the attackers are going to try and steal your ball

At the end of our P.E. sessions, students have a mini-game of football to try out their new skills. They enjoy the fun of competitive play and wear themselves out racing all over the field.


I don't think you are meant to catch the ball in soccer

Student Voice

Room 14 students wrote about their experiences playing football.  

Yesterday we played a game of soccer.  We played a bombs game the ball was the bomb.  After we got to play a game of soccer. I scored a goal, it was fun.  By Zahn

Yesterday in the afternoon Room 14 played football.  Jessie and Danika got hurt. We practiced dribbling and the boom game.  The balls were the bombs, if you touched a ball you are out. By Lachlan


Lachaln must of kicked that so high

Yesterday in the afternoon we played soccer.  It was fun. We learnt to kick the ball. By Annabelle

Yesterday we played football.  We played heaps of games. By Travis

Yesterday in the afternoon we played red light, orange light and green light.  It was very fun but when we played soccer the boys won. By Te Pou

Yesterday we played football.  It was fun. We learnt to play football .  We learnt to play traffic lights. By Juno


Violet is not going to lose control of her ball


Sam ready for a drop kick


Danika and Amber keeping their soccer balls safe


Alyssa is ready for a game called bombs

Key Words

Football, Soccer, Physical Education, Winter Sports, Play

Curriculum Links

Health and Physical Education Level 1

Regular physical activity

Students will: Participate in creative and regular physical activities and identify enjoyable experiences.

Movement concepts and motor skills

Students will: Develop a wide range of movement skills, using a variety of equipment and play environments.

Participate in a range of games and activities and identify the factors that make participation safe and enjoyable.

Lachaln must of kicked that so high2