Finding Our Place


How has where people of the past and present lived, influenced their lives, and how do people connect with places? These are just a couple of questions that drove Room 2’s  Inquiry "Our Place".


Room 2 started off by learning about NZ history and what brought the first Maori and British settlers here. Students  learnt about the Treaty of Waitangi and how relationships between Maori and the British changed over time. This is what some students  had to share about their learning.

The British needed more land, and they found out this place had more land - Dorian


British people started trying to manipulate Maori by getting more valuable things off them for less valuable things - Dorian

There was a giant war. The queen ordered them to stop fighting - Kayleen

They made a treaty to stop the fighting - Gnapika

The British people tried to take away Maori land, but now they get along a little better because Maori people went to a building to talk to people about it -Tiarni

From here, Room 2 discussed where they are from and how they connect with Taupo. 


Students  mentioned landmarks including Mount Tauhara, volcanoes and the #LOVE TAUPO sign. From discussions, they  learnt that many of them enjoy the same things about Taupo, like going to the skatepark, Spa Park and the pools at AC Baths. Together they realised that although many of them come from different places, they all connect to Taupo.


The class used these ideas for a design competition where children had  to create an Our Place title. Everyone had to use symbols on small scale block letters that spelt out OUR PLACE. For maths, the class voted on the designs they thought best, and the winners had to replicate their designs on a larger scale letter.



Room 2 used their ideas above to create their own Our Place artwork.  Pastels were used to represent people and the landscape they connect to. They included their awa and maunga, and koru to represent the number of people in their whanau. 


Room 2’s next step is to learn how to say pepeha, which includes many of the things learnt in Term 1. 

Room 2 hopes you have learnt something from our blog and that it has made you reflect about your place and the things in life that are important to you.


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