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As the world continues to evolve into the digital age, everyone must upskill their knowledge and skills around digital technologies. Throughout any given day we access the internet and specifically websites, to find the information we need for our everyday lives.

In authentic contexts and taking account of end-users, students participate in teacher-led activities to develop, manipulate, store, retrieve and share digital content in order to meet technological challenges. In doing so, they identify digital devices and their purposes and understand that humans make them. They know how to use some applications, they can identify the inputs and outputs of a system, and they understand that digital devices store content, which can be retrieved later. - New Zealand Curriculum

The focus in Room 12 was to improve our digital technology skills and show our learning through the power of creating a website. 

We began with our inquiry topic of “A moment in time”. Each student chose an item and researched how that item has changed over time. The choices of items were wide and varied and included digital based items such as computers and phones, to clothing, toilets and beds. Students used the internet to research who invented the item, why the item was made, and what is the biggest change throughout time? 


Students learnt to create, retrieve, adapt, and share a wide range of their own digital materials. This all included researching from a range of sources and being able to decipher the text, understand it and reword it for their sites. Learning different ways to create and share their work with others, from Google Docs for their research to the final Google site that was created and shared with whanau at home, was a big learning step for many students. 

The most challenging part of making the website was thinking about what to put onto our website because there is so much information on the internet. We had to decide what was important for our audience to see. Stacy

Students were also taught how to create a timeline to show developments of their items throughout time. Timelines are a great way to show changes over time clearly and quickly.

To practise this skill they first created a timeline based on their own lives. 



Before finding information about their item to include in a timeline. This information formed the basis of the website.  Photos included on the website had to be checked and cleared by the class teacher. Not all the first choices of photos were allowed.

To share the completed website, each student used the function already provided in Google to make an individual QR Code that contained a dinosaur.

All websites were shared with classes from around the school. Our principal came to our class and talked to the students about their timelines and finished websites.


Our digital technology skills will continue to improve and be enjoyed by all the tamariki as they see their skills in action in the final products that they have created.

Everyone’s websites were placed in a shared Google site with the rest of our team. You can access the class website via this link. If you have any issues with the link, please contact the school.

Website link here 

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