It’s that time of year when germs and bacteria abound and we want to know what to do to prevent them from spreading around our school. We thought a quick wash of our hands was enough, but a resource from our public health nurse has shown us otherwise.

First, we needed some volunteers. Riley, Nathan and Asharntay were up for the challenge and thought they were good hand washers. Then it was a squirt of Glo-Germ, a lotion which glows up bluish-white when put under UV light. Wow, it was bright! We could only see it when we looked into the black box through the eye holes. Our hands were glowing the dark! The glowing demonstrated what germs look like in real life.

Riley was our first test subject - he was only allowed to wash with water and not dry his hands. We all made predictions. When Riley put his hands in the box, we were shocked by all the ‘germs’ that remained on his hands.




Surely Nathan would have better luck getting rid of the germs. Nathan used water and soap and gave them a good wash (but still no drying). Nathan’s hands still showed his palms and the top of his hands were rife with germs. How was this possible?




Lastly, it was Asharntay’s turn. We discussed the best way of getting rid of germs when handwashing and agreed she should wash well with soap and water for a decent amount of time (Dallas suggested singing ‘Happy Birthday’) and then a good dry off with a paper towel. Predictions were made - most thought the germs would be gone with maybe a little glow here and there. We couldn’t believe it! The amount of germs lingering around the nails and on the palm of her hands was very surprising. This proved that proper handwashing is just so important.




Today we had an experiment. It was fun. Everyone loved it.

By Tyler

Today I learnt to wash my hands really well and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ because that’s how long you should wash for. Riley, Nathan and Asharntay put this weird stuff on their hands and put them in the box and all of the class got to look through the goggles.

By Declyn

Today we did a kind of science project. It was kind of like, ‘What’s in the box?’ It involved GERMS. This is how we did it. So one person washed their hands and they counted to three and the next person washed their hands with soap but didn’t dry them. The final person sang ‘Happy Birthday’ with soap and water and dried their hands. All the hands still showed the germs. It think it was fun. I would want to do another science project.

By Bella F

This task required the Key Competencies of managing self as we took turns to look into the box, and participating and contributing. It linked closely to the science and health and physical education curriculum areas.

Check out the short video of Asti and Elliot demonstrating the Glo-Germ blue light in action


Keywords: Science experiment, germs, healthy classrooms

Curriculum links:Science L2 - Investigating in science - Extend their experiences and personal explanations of the natural world through exploration, play, asking questions, and discussing simple models.Health and PE L2 - Healthy communities and environments - People and the environment - Contribute to and use simple guidelines and practices that promote physically and socially healthy classrooms, schools, and local environments

2019 Aratiatia Glogerms 6