Globetrotting Gumboots Update

Both Wednesday and Thursday night tickets for Globetrotting Gumboots sold out very quickly so we had an extra performance this morning. The show is going well with fantastic reviews. The students are thoroughly enjoying themselves despite nerves and a few tears.  

Kobe (Room 9) said"the production is cool and exciting. The dance that we do is long but fun. I get a little bit nervous when I see all the people".    

Jackson (Room 9) "I enjoy the dancing and singing.  I am a little bit shy and a little bit nervous but having lots and lots of fun".  


Our main actors are doing a fantastic job. Sulize (Nana) says "it was hard to practice but in the end it has all paid off. When I saw the audience for the first time it was kind of nerve racking but then after a while it was real easy to talk as your character, I just got the flow of it.   I'm having fun".


2015 Production