Gully Magic

The students had been talking about visiting the school gully again and were so excited to learn that we were paying it a visit again. We decided to bring  some ‘Gully Magic’ into our learning. 

On the Kids Greening Taupo website, we discovered a Magic Potion recipe using ‘natural ingredients.’ 

Our school gully contained these ‘natural ingredients’.

We put our students into POWER Pals and Learning Buddies of two. The signs of success were:  collect 20 natural items for our magic potion, describe the items we collected, work collaboratively with my POWER pal. 

The jar with its 20 ingredients was brought back to the classroom. We spoke about the different things we had found in the Gully. Such as: seed pods, flowers, leaves, stones, pebbles, bark, small twigs and sticks as well as blades of grass and pumice. What a fantastic opportunity to observe their counting knowledge and to introduce new language and vocabulary. Students were able to discuss with their peers words like ingredients, potions, blades of grass, the difference between a pebble and a stone or a rock, twigs versus branches and many other new words. Taking students outside the classroom is also a valuable learning opportunity, as they can expand their understanding of the world around them and work with others in a different environment.  

The students added their 20 ingredients into the magic water and glitter. We walked back down to the Gully and poured our potion under a tree casting a magic spell by saying “Abracadabra!” Fingers were crossed that by tomorrow morning, something had magically ‘sprouted.’ 

Victoria and Manny video here

The next morning, we did some ‘wondering’ and questioning.

Eilidh said, I wonder if our magic potion has worked. I wonder what’s under the tree?

Hupa said, I wonder if the seed pod has changed into something else?

Lillie said, I think there’s going to be some lollies.

Ella said, I wonder if our magic spell worked.

Will said, I love going to the Gully. It’s so cool! 

With bated breath, we quietly crept down to our tree and surprisingly, the magic potion had worked. We had a chocolate treat waiting for us. 

Keywords: Magic Potion, Well Being/Hauora, counting to 20, Kids Greening Taupo

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