Gymnastics Fun

To celebrate the end of our Mark Making - Marking a Mark inquiry the Te Huka Team visited the Mount Tauhara Gymnastics Centre.


The parachute game was fun


There goes Kenzie


We did not lose anyone in the foam pit

As part of our integrated inquiry our physical education focus has been on developing our students gross motor skills through balance, strength and movement skills. And learning how our bodies and brains work together.  All term we have been doing collaborative PE rotations where our students get to choose from three different strength, balance or movement activities. Activities have included skipping, balancing with bean bags, strength circuits on the playground, dance and stick games.  We thought the gymnastics centre would be a wonderful place to celebrate the P.E. learning.


Ready set jump

Room’s 12, 13 and 14 all visited the gym for a 1-hour session each.  

At the gym we were amazed by all the incredible activities there were available to us. Activities included: the foam pit to jump into, rings and bars to swing on, beams to balance on, ropes to climb, trampolines to bounce on, an obstacle course to jump and balance over, hoops, ribbons and tunnels to crawl through.  


Jessie finding her balance


Kiara is an experienced gymnast


Lachlan swinging before he flies in to the foam pit


Lots of jumping was done

We all got to test our movement, strength and balance skills and try lots of new things.  The foam pit was a definite favourite with everyone, even Mrs Sprague was spotted in there a few times.  At the end of the gymnastics session Room 14 came back to school very hungry and pleasantly tired.


Emma G is up on the bar and ready to spin


Emma was a lovely coach who started our session with a warm up


Here we are doing our warm up


Is that Bella hiding in the donnut

"Awesome" was the word used most often by the children to describe the trip.  The parent helpers also reported having a good time and were amazed at the skill level of our students.  It was lovely to hear feedback from the Gymnastics centre coach Emma. She thought the Te Huka students were all well behaved and interacted nicely with each other.  Great to see the wider community noticing our Whanau values.

Student Voice

I liked doing a forward flip into the foam pit and swinging on the rings.  I also liked playing with the parachute at the end. Daniel.

I liked going round and round on the bar.  Bella

I liked jumping off the bar into the foam pit.  Tori

I like swinging off the bar into the foam pit and I like jumping off the highest box.  Stacy

I liked the foam pit because you get to run up and jump in .  Macey

I liked climbing up rope but I got a burn on my foot from sliding down.  Lachlan

I liked jumping off the boxes and swinging on the bar.  Emma G

I liked jumping in the foam pit and everything else.  Emma D

I liked spinning around on the rings.  Eden

I liked swinging on the ropes and the rings.  Te Omeka

I liked the rings and my mum lifted me up when I was on the rings. Jessie

I like going on the bars.  I spun around. Kiara

I was good at balancing on the beams.  Arkayzhia


Ari is about to spin on the bar


Arkayzhia at the bar


Arkayzhia balancing on the beam with a beanbag on her head


Climbing and swinging on the ropes was great fun

Room 14 under the parachute