Happy Campers


The jumps at the park were fun


Students working together to make a safe basket for their egg


Foot golf at the park

After an unusual year that altered our normal plans the Year 4 students were able to have a great camp experience. Thanks to Chris and our local Bluelight Lodge.

We spent two action packed days at Bluelight Lodge in Wairakei Village. Activities included:


The seesaw was all about team work and moving slowly


3 2 1 go the egg drop challenge


Making flax flowers with Rachel


The pre camp briefing

  • Pump track bike riding

  • The best burger competition

  • Orienteering

  • Obstacle course

  • Team building with indoor and outdoor games

  • Swimming at the Wairakei Resort

  • Ice Cream Sundaes

  • The egg drop competition 

  • Tower building

  • Flax flower weaving with Rachel from Kids Greening Taupo

Groups of ten students were formed to take part in the activity rotations. There were three goals set out by Chris for our camp experience. These goals were to be safe, have fun and to participate as a group. 


Giant pick up sticks was an indoor game


Connect Four is always a great game


The best burger competition was a highlight


Is this the best burger


Swimming at the resort was awesome


The cardboard box tower challenge


Team work on the orienteering course


Yum looks delicious


The wood stacking challenge

I enjoyed swimming at the Wairakei Resort because me and my friends hopped on each other's shoulders and wrestled. We also relaxed. It was fun making the cradles for the eggs.  My mums came first.  It got to go up to level 6. By Lachaln T

At Year 4 camp I enjoyed the best burger competition and the sundaes. For the best burger competition we got to make our own burger, and then we got to eat it. For the sundaes there was whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and boysenberry sauce. What I found challenging was the obstacle course. Eva

I enjoyed all the activities because they were super fun. I found a hard challenge and the challenge was called wood stacking. Arley

At camp, I enjoyed riding on the pump track and eating the burgers and eating the ice cream sundaes. On Monday I found the weaving challenging with Rachel. Daniel

I found the obstacle course challenging because we had to run around Bluelight Lodge and we had to push Chris’s car. Grayson

I enjoyed eating the sundaes at camp because they were very yummy. I found the tower building challenging. It was interesting because all the challenges were very fun. Trend

Curriculum and Acknowledgements

Education outside the classroom

Attributed to

Chris Te Whare - Bluelight Lodge

Rachel Thompson - Kids Greening Taupo

Kath form Bike Taupo

Wairakei Resort 

Aratiatia Team teachers - Sara Sprague, Angel Chauval, Carla Ross, Tayla Nicholson, Ben Kidd

Key Words: team building, participation, education outside the classroom, Bluelight Lodge 

Special thanks to our amazing parents helpers for coming along and supporting our students.

09 The pre camp briefing